Flex-Silo - Quickly Erected, Cost-Effective & Sturdy

Most biogas plant operators know the problem: With conventional silos, it is difficult to maintain the tightness of the joints over the long term. The traditional silo systems therefore require constant maintenance and repairs. This is expensive and time-consuming which is why Schmack Biogas has developed a completely new concept, the Flex-Silo. The silo walls consist of a number of modules which are joined together in an offset manner. The outer casing of the system modules are made of HDPE and thus resistant to UV light as well as corrosion. The modules are then filled with in-situ concrete. Thanks to the inherent stability of the design there is no need for a special foundation, nor for additional connecting elements.

The first Flex-Silo was erected at the biogas plant in Brandenburg (Germany).

The rain water is separated from seepage liquid and effluent and disposed off. The rain water drain (mounted gutter) is located above the effluent discharge drain, thereby eliminating the possibility of being polluted. The waste water passes through drainage holes in the silo modules into the corrosion resistant sewer overflow. From there, they are fed into the biogas plant.


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Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Simple construction on tarmac in the silage area
  • Reliable compliance with current EU water protection regulations
  • Liquid effluent and rain water at two separate levels and hence no contamination of the rain water
  • No clogging of ground drains, no slides required, hence easily maintained and user-friendly
  • No unprotected concrete in contact with the acidic seepage liquid
  • In the event of damage, the separate modules can be replaced without difficulty
  • Easy to fit, even on oddly shaped sites thanks to corner modules with adjustable angles