Responsibility and Safety - What Does this Mean for You as Plant Operator?

Periodic inspections are mandatory! Anyone who wishes to operate his or her plant safely and efficiently, must comply with an abundance of rules and regulations.

We have been helping plant operators, to meet the statutory safety requirements with our expertise, for many years. The operation of a biogas plant is subject to numerous statutory safety requirements. These are currently being revised and expanded. It is already clear that the required level of safety for biogas plants is going to increase.

For you as plant operator, this is first and foremost associated with effort, but a safe and tested biogas plant has many advantages. Thoroughly vetting your plant not only minimises hazards and risks, it also promises the opportunity to make the operation of the plant more efficient. We are more than happy to support you in this task. Our 5-point check-up ensures that your plant meets all requirements.


Good Reasons for a Safety Check:

  • Fulfilment of the operator duties prescribed by law
  • Potential for economic and technical optimisation of the plant
  • Responsibility for staff and the environment

And this is How it Works:

Our qualified staff check your system in line with the latest state of the art. After completing the assessment, you receive extensive documentation on the safety check. We also have an comprehensive final discussion with you. In this way you can recognise deficiencies and risks at an early stage and thus avoid expensive follow-up costs.

This is What You Can Expect from Us:

  • Testing with first class equipment and diagnostic technology
  • Reliable service from a highly qualified team
  • Extensive documentation

Your Benefits:

  • Thorough and cost-effective testing
  • The technical safety of your system is safeguarded
  • Avoidance of accident risks
  • Avoidance of high follow-up costs
  • Increased efficiency of your biogas plant