New: your gas yield analysis in no more than 48 hours*

Quick and cost effective analytics

The new method of determining gas yield using near-infrared spectroscopy enables instant and accurate analysis of the gas yield of different substrates. The results of your analysis will be ready in just 48 hours*. In addition to whole plant silage, maize silage and grass silage, we can analyse a wide variety of other substrates (dry poultry manure, cattle manure, Szarvasi grass, lucerne, biowaste, grain, millet, cup plant).

It is a reliable method and shows no significant deviation when compared to the fermentation test in accordance with VDI 4630.

Take advantage of these benefits

●  Rapid and accurate evaluation of substrates
●  Lower costs when compared to conventional methods
●  Analysis duration 3 minutes – analysis report ready in no more than 48 hours*
●  Concurrent determination of multiple parameters

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* Valid from receipt of sample, Mondays to Thursdays (inclusive)