Biogas substrates require special treatment during storage, processing, introduction and mixing. Schmack has been developing and manufacturing its own components to a high quality standard for many years. We also supply and fit components from other manufacturers. We would be happy to advise you.

Ensilage & storage

Flex-Silo mobile silo concept

Our innovative mobile silo concept made up of system modules protects the groundwater from silage effluent. The Flex-Silo is patented and in 2016 was presented with the Biogas Innovation Award from the German agricultural industry.

SiloDrain drainage system

SiloDrain is a drainage system that collects rainwater from covered silage areas and discharges it as clean rainwater. The separation of rainwater reduces spreading costs.


PASCO charger technology

The charger technology of the PASCO series, developed in-house, enables flexible processing of all solid matter variants, including grass, maize and solid manure – with very low inherent power consumption. All models are designed to industry standard and utilise high quality, robust and durable materials that will give the operator many years of seamless plant operation.


The innovative mobile silo concept made up of system modules protects the groundwater from silage effluent.

Flex-Silo information


The drainage system collects rainwater from the covered silo areas and discharges it as clean rainwater.

Information about SiloDrain


PASCO charger technology processes all types of solid matter, including grass, maize and solid manure.

Information about PASCO chargers



A reliable agitator is the engine of every biogas plant. It helps to ensures that the substrate is evenly mixed. Proper mixing prevents settling and floating, and stirs out the gases. Our agitators ensure optimal and gentle mixing of the microorganisms in the substrate. When compared to conventional agitators, they have a robust and low-maintenance design, and consume very little power.


Perfect mixing

Schmack Biogas agitators are robust and durable, and help to ensure seamless operation of your biogas plant.

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Pump and substrate technology

Schmack Biogas supplies the pump and substrate technology according to the viscosity of the substrate, the dry matter content and the type of plant. This enables maximum flexibility through customised solutions. High quality, robust, tried & tested components from renowned manufacturers ensure the requisite level of safety and performance, e.g. when filling or pumping out tanks.

Gas tank

Is your plant still gas-tight? Gas-tight covers and membrane roofs age. Ultimately, leaks can occur. It is important to take precautions – replace them promptly – and ensure that your plant can achieve its full yield!

Gas utilisation

Combined heat and power unit (CHP), activated carbon and gas cooling

Individual, independent advice from our experts

The CHP unit is the heart of your biogas plant. We provide information and advice on CHP unit manufacturers and the associated peripheral equipment, such as activated carbon and gas conditioning, including integration into the overall system. You can consult our experts and jointly identify the right performance class for your biogas plant, carefully tailored to your needs.

Fertiliser management

Fermentation residue processing

Expertise and precise methods are needed to ensure that fertiliser utilisation is compliant with the German Fertilisers Regulation (DüV). We are specialists when it comes to reliable analytics and determine the relevant parameters of your fermentation residues in our laboratory. We have carefully considered concepts for fermentation residue processing and optimal storage to help support your compliance with the German Fertilisers Regulation (DüV). This way, you can reduce spreading quantities, separate the nitrogen and convert the organic nitrogen into mineral nitrogen. For sewage plants, we develop bespoke concepts for sewage sludge drying including a thermal concept for optimum use of waste heat.

Take advantage of these benefits:

+  Reduction in spreading quantities
+  Separation of nitrogen
+  Conversion of organic nitrogen into mineral nitrogen