Robust agitators

Our agitators ensure optimal and gentle mixing of the microorganisms in the substrate. When compared to conventional agitators, they have a robust and low-maintenance design, and consume very little power.

Remex® paddle agitator – durable and gentle in handling microorganisms

A reliable and robust agitator is the engine of every biogas plant. It helps to ensures that the substrate is evenly mixed. Proper mixing prevents settling and floating, and stirs out the gases.

The continuously operating Remex® paddle agitator  is particularly suitable for regenerative raw materials. The slow and steady agitation process is gentle on microorganisms to ensure optimal fermentation. A particular advantage is the very low power consumption. This enables continuous operation of the agitators and prevents floating layers.

Maintenance work can be conveniently carried out at any time. All electrical parts as well as the drive motor and the gear unit in the agitator are located outside the digester for ease of access.

Durable, bacteria-friendly Remex® paddle agitator

Take advantage of these benefits

+  Very low inherent power consumption
+  Extremely robust and durable
+  Self-lubricating polyamide bearing
+  Horizontal and vertical mixing
+  External motor
+  Low failure rate
+  Low maintenance

REMEX® SF agitator – self-supporting paddle agitator for steel tanks

The REMEX® SF is an evolution of the successful REMEX® agitator for mixing regenerative raw materials and liquid manure.

It is now possible to carry out straightforward installation or retrofitting of a large wing agitator in a steel tank – without the need for external support structures or concrete foundations.

An intelligently designed, internal mounting frame transfers the entire torque from the agitator to the internal tank floor. A reinforced sealing flange frame on the tank wall prevents substrate or biogas from leaking out. Loads on the tank wall are ruled out.

The height of the REMEX® SF can be continuously adjusted during installation. It can be used with varying fill levels (e.g. in the fermentation residue store). Seals and drive units requiring maintenance are mounted outside the digester for ease of access.

REMEX® SF agitator – self-supporting paddle agitator for steel tanks

Take advantage of these benefits

+  Use with varying filling levels
+  Easy retrofitting
+  Without external support structures or concrete foundations
+  Continuous height adjustment in installation
+  Seals and drive units on the outside

Prw-s agitator – successfully installed more than 500 times in biogas plants

The low-maintenance agitator is mounted on the outside of the concrete ceiling. The drive unit is therefore on the outside of the digester and is freely accessible if maintenance is required. The agitator can be accurately adjusted to the speed and power consumption while your biogas plant is operational.

The paddle agitator is ideal for mixing fermentation substrates and liquid manure. The constant and gentle mixing of the microorganisms prevents settling and floating to the fullest extent possible, and reliably stirs out the biogas.


Take advantage of these benefits:

+  Maintenance-free base position
+  High agitator capacity
+  Robust and durable material
+  Continuously adjustable speed control
+  ATEX approval (zone 2)
+  Inverter controlled