Flex-Silo – easy to assemble, cost effective & robust

Most operators of biogas plants are familiar with the problem – with conventional silos, it's impossible to keep the joints leak-tight forever. As a consequence, the silo systems need be replaced and repaired in a constant cycle. This is expensive and time consuming.

In response, Schmack Biogas has developed a wholly new silo concept, the Flex-Silo. The silo walls comprise multiple staggered structural elements. The casing around the system modules is made of HDPE to make it resistant to corrosion and UV rays. The silo blocks are filled with concrete. This gives the silo stability, rendering a foundation and connecting elements unnecessary.

The first Flex-Silo was installed at the biogas plant in Pessin.

Silage effluent and waste water are discharged separately from rainwater. They pass through the drainage openings in the silo blocks into the corrosion-resistant plastic waste water collector, and are routed from there directly to the biogas plant or the substrate store. The rainwater drain (suspended gutter) is located above the silage effluent drain, which prevents contamination of the rainwater.

Detailed information

Take advantage of these benefits

Flex-Silo – easy to assemble, cost effective & and robust

+  Simple construction on closed black surface in the silo area
+  Compliance with existing water protection regulations
+  Waste water and rainwater at different levels, so no contamination of rainwater
+  No clogging of floor drains, no changeover valves, so low-maintenance and user friendly
+  No unprotected concrete in the acidic silage effluent
+  Individual elements can be replaced with ease in the event of damage
+  Can also be adapted to difficult plots of lands thanks to corner design with free angle specifications

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