SiloDrain – silo system for water separation

Our innovative drainage system collects rainwater from the covered silo areas and discharges it as clean rainwater into receiving waters or seepage systems. The system prohibits connection of the rainwater to the silage effluent in the mobile silo, thus ruling out any contamination of the rainwater.  

State of the art before SiloDrain

Mobile silo

Silage effluent has a pH value of up to pH 2 and must be disposed of properly, which is very costly. In standard mobile silos, it collects in drainage channels or gullies via a central incline and is discharged from there into an intermediate storage facility via pipe systems. If rainwater then runs over the cover panel of the mobile silo, it mixes with the silage effluent, thus multiplying the volume of the liquid to be disposed of. This increases costs and creates more work!

Separate rainwater and reduce spreading costs with SiloDrain

The rainwater is collected via the drainage system of the covered silo areas and can be transferred to the public storm sewer as dischargeable rainwater or allowed to seep away on the premises.

Since the digestate, silage effluent and surface water are always separated, SiloDrain conserves storage capacity while reducing spreading costs.

Covered silo area

Design and function

SiloDrain – silo system for water separation

SiloDrain comprises a PVC fabric sheet with integral pressure stable PE drainage pipes, which are attached to the silo wall. These function as both a drain to discharge the rainwater itself and as spacers between the wall of the mobile silo and the silage stock, to allow the rainwater to flow into the drain. After ensilage, the drainage film is placed on the underlay film and overlapped with the cover film.

SiloDrain can be installed on virtually any mobile silo wall. The system is installed with an appropriate incline to the walls of the mobile silo. The height of the system setup at the wall compensates for unevenness as well as varying settlement of the silage up to a height of around one metre. Accumulating water can be discharged from the silo in any direction. Additionally, SiloDrain offers additional concrete protection, as no silage effluent can attack or damage the installation.


●  PVC
●  730 g/m²
●  Fabric-reinforced
●  Resistant to silage effluent and UV rays

Benefits at a glance

+  Simple design for retrofitting in existing mobile silo systems
+  Waste water and rainwater at different levels, so no rainwater contamination
+  Lower fermentation residue storage volume required, leading to a reduction in spreading costs (no storage of contaminated rainwater)
+  Durable design
+  Optimal ensilage – no rainwater in the silo