The Methanisation of Surplus Electricity Makes Conventional Power Plants Superfluous

The German natural gas grid has tremendous storage capacities. This creates the opportunity of producing methane from excess wind or solar power by means of the Power-to-Gas technology.

MicrobEnergy GmbH – Your Specialist for Methanisation

As part of the Viessmann Group, MicrobEnergy GmbH develops and distributes microbiological products and technical system components. In addition, the company specialises in process control and in the optimisation of biological systems.

Electrolysis as an Intermediate Step

The operating principle of Power to Gas can basically be described as follows: Excess electricity is converted into hydrogen by means of electrolysis. This is followed by a so-called methanisation stage, during which synthetic methane is produced from hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 from industrial processes, ambient air and biogas plants can be used for this purpose.

Micro-Organisms Convert Electricity into Methane

For this step, MicrobEnergy uses highly specialised micro-organisms that convert hydrogen and carbon dioxide into pure methane. These micro-organisms work at ambient pressure and temperature. There are no special requirements for the purity of the output gases. The synthetic methane obtained in this way can either be stored in a gas storage tank and converted into electricity according to demand by means of a combined heat and power unit or fed directly into the natural gas supply grid.

Connecting Electricity and Natural Gas Grids

Electricity thus becomes the primary energy and can be used across the grid for heat generation or reconverted into electricity by means of the cogeneration of heat and power according to demand. This linkage of the electricity and gas grids is an important prerequisite for the success of the energy transition.

You can read more about the first Power to Gas plant here. This plant was put into service in Allendorf (Eder), Germany

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