Engagement & Compliance

Engagement & Compliance

HZI’s success is based on the trust of our customers, partners, suppliers, authorities, employees, parent company, and all other stakeholders. The integrity and transparency of the company’s and each individual employee’s actions are the pillars on which this trust is built. We therefore declare it our primary duty to comply with laws, regulations and standards and to adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards during all our business dealings.

Compliance Hotline for Reporting Misconduct

To enable us to identify, investigate and, if necessary, sanction any misconduct, we have implemented a secure channel for reporting compliance violations.

All employees and external stakeholders can use the SpeakUp compliance hotline to securely report any such violations.

Simple, Anonymous and Secure

Our SpeakUp reporting system enables compliance violations to be reported around the clock by online form or by phone in 32 local languages.

You are free to make your report anonymously. The SpeakUp platform is managed by the neutral third-party provider People Intouch B.V. To protect the reporters, all communication is channelled through People Intouch. People who report a violation are protected from reprisals for having made the report.

In this PDF document you will find the contact details to report an incident.