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Plant management – all-inclusive service for your biogas plant

Would you like to keep the work involved with your biogas plant to a minimum? Our all-inclusive service includes complete plant management with operational management, raw materials procurement and the handling of administrative tasks.

Complete operational management from a single source

Put your biogas plant in professional hands. Lowering running costs is the most important factor for the profitability of your biogas plant. Leave plant management to our trained specialists. The all-inclusive service guarantees optimal process conditions and maximum operational reliability. Benefit from more than 20 years of biogas experience. We take care of the technical and biological management of your plant, including remote monitoring, maintenance measures and raw materials procurement.

Our services:

  • Technical operational management and coordination of plant operation
  • Proactive maintenance incl. stocks of spare and wearing parts
  • Biological support for analytics, trace elements and feeding schedules
  • Quality, safety and document management
  • Organisation and support with recurring tests
  • Process optimisation, recommendations for modifications and extensions
  • Advice regarding new statutory reimbursements
  • Raw materials and fermentation residue management
  • 24/7 EUVIS remote monitoring system
  • 24/7 on-call support and fault management outside of operating times.

Calculable raw materials costs through sustainable growth

Raw materials are an important parameter for the success of your biogas plant. This is why at HZI Schmack, we operate our own raw materials department. Together with the growers, our specialists develop individual, sustainable crop rotation concepts for optimised land use. We coordinate all activities right from the procurement of raw materials through to harvesting, preservation and fermentation residue spreading. We always keep the most important objectives in sight – low raw materials costs, preserving biodiversity, water pollution control and sensible use of alternative energy crops.

Our services:

  • Cultivation advice and crop rotation optimisation
  • Substrate and raw materials management (incl. conclusion of supply contracts, logistics concepts and harvest organisation)

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Calculable operating costs thanks to proactive plant operation
  • Optimisation of plant operation
  • Many years of experience in plant management and a wide-reaching service network
  • Long-term limitation of running costs thanks to comprehensive and proactive plant management, starting with raw materials procurement and extending to optimisation of plant operation and effective fermentation residue spreading