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Power to Gas Solutions

Our goal is the energy transition. Decarbonisation of all sectors is necessary to stop climate change. Technologies are emerging that save carbon dioxide for electricity, heat and mobility on a large scale. Complete decarbonisation of the sectors is not possible in purely electric terms. That is why we are focusing on producing green synthetic fuels such as hydrogen or methane and bringing them into practical use. This brings the Power to Gas technology, which is already available today, further into focus, as it enables the conversion of electricity into storable forms of energy.

Power to Gas is the process in which water (H2O) is split into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) by electrolysis with the help of electricity. In a downstream methanation process, this hydrogen can be further processed into methane.

Biological Methanation by HZI Schmack

Our Power to Gas process enables the conversion of electricity into synthetic methane. With the BiON® process, we have developed a compelling method for biological methanation.

Special microorganisms are the main actors in the BiON® process when hydrogen and carbon dioxide are converted into pure methane. Both ambient pressure and ambient temperature play a special role in the activity of the microorganisms. Incidentally, only a low requirement is placed on the purity of the starting gases. The carbon dioxide (CO₂) required for the conversion is used directly, regardless of whether it comes from industrial processes, ambient air or fermentation plants. The synthetic methane produced in this way is fed directly into the natural gas grid, stored in a gas storage facility or alternatively used as needed to support a combined heat and power plant. Our Power to Gas process thus differs fundamentally from the chemical-catalytic process in technical terms.

HZI Schmack offers you complete technological know-how from a single source, from engineering to plant construction and service.

Your Path to Your Own Power to Gas Plant: Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies

We analyse your site in two phases: First, we check the suitability using a precise evaluation matrix. In phase two, we develop a customised concept with optimal framework conditions – from economic efficiency and dimensioning to project management.

Phase 1 of the analysis: Is Power to Gas suitable for my location?

Among other things, we check for you

  • Suitability of the existing infrastructure
  • Material and energy balance
  • Coordination with the authorities
  • Research into subsidies
  • Process simulation


In phase 2, we support you in integrating the Power to Gas plant into the overall concept. Among other things, the following points are relevant for this:

  • Installation plan & component list
  • P&I flow diagram
  • 3D model of the plant
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Time & cost monitoring

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